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Appointments and Visits

Vaccinating A Child


Your child should be seen for a well visit in our office annually. You may schedule the appointment by calling (205) 425-5440.


Well Visits

Well visit appointments give us the opportunity to track your child’s growth, to discuss the past year, to answer any questions or concerns, to examine your child and to make sure that all preventative care is up to date.

All sports, school and camp forms may be filled out if your child has a well exam on record within the preceding 12 months.


Sick Visits

If your child needs a sick appointment, please call us as soon as possible in the day. If required, your child will be seen in a timely fashion on the day of the phone call. At Pediatrics 459, we make every effort to have adequate time available to see every sick child in need of an evaluation as soon as possible.

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